A private 501(c)(3), Advance Bristol is a united effort of local leaders in the private sector to strengthen the Bristol community today and tomorrow

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Together we accomplish more. 

Advance Bristol provides a way for the Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, business community to actively get involved in the shaping of the future of our cities. We do that by helping set goals and objectives for our local economy while encouraging similar efforts by our local governments.

Our Mission

To engage innovative leaders willing to work for the benefit of all in an effort to collaboratively advance growth and development of the Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia, community. 

Our Initiatives

Manage/Support Special Projects

Manage and/or support special projects that encourage economic viability, cultivate beautification projects, and advance the overall appeal of Bristol

Foster a Positive Environment

Foster a Bristol environment that invites innovation, accomplishment and opportunity

Increase Effectiveness

Increase the effectiveness and accountability of efforts to benefit the community



Enhance Opportunity

Enhance opportunity and interests of business owners, manufacturing entities, property owners, residents, non-profit organizations, and arts and education groups

Deliver Assistance

Deliver assistance to community partners, city officials and law enforcement to help mitigate issues of homelessness, with the goals of enhancing public safety and safeguarding public health

Provide a Fiscal Commitment

Provide a fiscal commitment toward the accomplishment of these objectives



Bristol Tennessee Population

Bristol Virginia Population

*Source: census.gov